round 1 review

Well, round 1, done and dusted, probably not the result that we hoped for after having our best Pukekohe rig ever, but it is what it is. Race 3, we had a better than expected grid position, starting out of 6th. Once again had a good launch but, 1,2,5 ain’t never gonna give you any pace going into turn one, and the rest is history, turned P6 start into a P10 result, from now on it would be great to do our character building away from the race track, but at the same time it’s awesome to have the great support from our partners, and team of skilled guys who never give up.
We would also like to congratulate those who did better than us this weekend, Paul Manuell 1st, Matt Spratt 2nd and Brett Rudd 3rd, well done, look forward to Round 2 in Taupo in December.

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